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Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Details  Working with Ashley to produce this online portfolio was an interesting challenge, to merge the different disciplines of fluid, digital, screen based graphics with static, paint on canvas. The end result is a comprehensive collection of Ashley's trademark works, rich in detail and creative genius.
Quote  I needed a website that, as well as conveying the various styles of art and design that I deal in was also an example of it. And despite having no empathy for technology I need to be able to easily add new samples as they come to hand.

Olmec, as well as being a great technician, can think like an artist and combine pleasing aesthetics with the 'nuts and bolts'. He's created a website that I'm very happy with - one that can grow and is always there to patiently coach me on its workings and discuss its evolution.
Project Type  Website development
Location  Gore Bay
Tags    cheviot  artist  product 
Balkanistas Gypsy Band

Balkanistas Gypsy Band

Details  The Balkanistas are a Wellington based gypsy band who wanted a simple website that would showcase their unique style of music and design.
Project Type  Website upgrade
Location  Wellington
Tags    artist  wellington