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Kaye Campbell

Kaye Campbell

Details  This simple website allows Kaye to promote her natural health services and treatments. Designed and built to be fast, clean, easy to read and display well on the multitude of different screens and mobile devices.
Project Type  Website layout, development and hosting
Location  Cheviot
Tags    service  health  basic  website 
Amberley Preschool

Amberley Preschool

Details  Redesign and development of existing web presence. This clean and simple site presents parents with relevant information about the preschool, prep school and nursery. Integrated content control allows for easy publishing of information accessed by public or staff.
Project Type  Website rebuild
Location  Amberley
Tags    basic  service  amberley 
Megan Karena - Naturopath

Megan Karena - Naturopath

Details  A simple site that helps promote the services of a local naturopath. The website allows potential clients to learn more about available products and services as well as submit a booking.
Project Type  Web design & build
Location  Rangiora
Tags    basic  service 
Sterndrive Replacements

Sterndrive Replacements


Sterndrive offers replacement parts for outboard motors. Their website acts as an online brochure and product pricing guide that can be updated easily and regularly as required.

Quote  Absolutely wrapped with the service, couldn't have asked for better!!!
Project Type  Site development
Location  Christchurch
Tags    product  basic