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Little Owl Organic Vege Box

Little Owl Organic Vege Box

Details  Michael Voumard employs doLithe's web based ordering system. This allows his customers to order from available produce and creates a detailed picking and packing list for staff to fulfill the weekly deliveries.
Quote  The doLithe system has enabled major time saving for my direct sale vegetable business, both in simplifying the product available for the week and then for the invoicing and payment tracking. The most impressive thing was Olmec's ability to TOTALLY customise the mechanics to work with all my operating constraints.
Project Type  Product ordering, payment processing, and customer management
Location  Cheviot (Gore Bay), North Canterbury
Tags    ecommerce  retail  products 
Fi's Flowers and Art

Fi's Flowers and Art

Details  A clean and simple layout reflects the elegance and style of Fi's flowers. Browse an purchase from a selection of floral arrangements and gifts for the special person or occasion.
Quote  I found working with Olmec to update our website very smooth sailing, very efficient with time and created great ideas to have a fresh new look. I highly recommend Olmec alongside Margot at Spruce Design as a professional team.
Project Type  Website development and hosting
Location  Rangiora
The Apple Guy - business intelligence

The Apple Guy - business intelligence

Details  With multiple stores and employees, The Apple Guy uses our web based customer management and billing system to track inventory, issue invoices, record customer payments and calculate employee commissions.
Quote  The Apple Guy has been using the doLithe CRM system for over two years now. The system has helped the company grow from the "owner operator" to eleven staff and two ground floor shops in this short period of time. We are using the CRM to keep track of our clients, client accounts, stock levels, to record shop sales, daily balances and reports for stock ordering and performance tracking. Olmec has been able to extend the system to meet our growing demands every time within only few days and with very reasonable cost. We are extremely happy with the product and the service and are more than willing to talk to anyone about our experience and journey considering the system for their business.
Milan Mogin
Business owner
The Apple Guy Group Limited
Project Type  Web based customer billing
Location  Wellington